ES 4050P Gas Standards Generator

A transportable instrument designed for field and laboratory calibration of gas analysers, sensors and detectors.

Interchangeable permeation or diffusion tubes are used to provide a constant output of toxic gas. This constant output is mixed with a much larger controlled flow of clean nitrogen or air, to generate an accurate concentration of the standard test mixtures.

Changing the dilution flow rate, the tube temperature, or the number of permeation tubes used, can vary the concentration output level. The instrument can also be adapted to produce a variety of compounds by installing the appropriate types of permeation tube or diffusion tube.

The permeation tube oven temperature is controlled at a set point of 30oC to 60oC.

The ES4050P is powered by an external 12VDC power supply or external 12VDC battery.


  • Removes risk of exposure
  • Low pressure system


  • Drift-free output
  • Can calibrate all sensors to the same traceable standard

Easy to use

  • Set temperature and flow rate – no other adjustment required.
  • Fully transportable and could be used with external 12VDC battery.

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